Accrual Rate Mapping

Rate Mapping overrides the accrual setting on the general tab, allowing employees to accrue a preset amount of hours according to the amount of time they worked during the period. The period used for Rate Mapping is the same period selected on the general Tab.


For example, If the period settings on the General Tab are configured as follows:




Then Rate Mapping hours are entered for 1 Month as shown below.



The example above requires employees assigned to this accrual type to work a minimum of 160 hours each month (40 Hours/Week) in order to accrue any time.


Accrual Type Rate Mapping Update Form



Ok – Exits the window and saves any changes to the database.

Cancel – Exit the window without saving changes.

Help – View Help documentation for the current screen.


Min. Amount Worked – Minimum amount of hours worked during the period to accrue time.


Max. Amount Worked – Maximum amount of hours an employee can work and still receive time.


Accrue – Specify the amount of time an employee that falls into the specified range of work hours should accrue.