Accrual Totals


The Accruals Totals lists the total amount of sick/vacation time accrued, and the total amount used by the employee.  It also displays any Accruals Plus information that has been created.  


Type: This is the name of the Accrual.


Date and Thru Date:  Displays the date range for the years accrued and used time. Date will reset either on the employee’s anniversary or January 1st depending on the Reset Field setting on the Accrual.


Base Amount:  The starting amount of hours.


Time Accrued Column:  The amount of accrued hours, based on Accrual settings.


Time Accrued plus Base: Taken by adding or subtracting the Accrued column with the Base column.


Time Used:  Amount of depleted sick/vacation/plus time entered by selecting the Other Activity button from the Time Card Activity table (see time card activity.)  Note:  The time used will not subtract itself from the Total Accrued Column.


Remaining Amount: Amount of accrued hours remaining for use.


Accrued Wages Earned: Reflects Accrued Hours in Dollars. Accrued Wages Earned are calculated by multiplying total accrued hours by the employee's default wage.


Accrued Wages Remaining: Reflects Remaining Accrued Hours in Dollars. Accrued Wages Remaining are calculated by multiplying remaining accrued hours by the employee's default wage.