InfiniTime requires groups to be assigned to each employee when groups are present in the system. The first group description inserted for every group level will automatically be set as the default group and will be assigned to any employee who does not have a group assigned. If this is undesirable Inception Technologies recommends creating a group entitled unassigned. Any employees who are not intended to be assigned to a group should then be assigned to the unassigned group. It should be noted that any group can be designated as the default. Keep in mind that new employees will automatically be assigned to the default group and will remain on the default group until their groups are manually assigned.



The Groups tab will display all available Groups that an employee can be assigned to. Assigning employees to groups provides additional options for report filtering. To assign a group description to an employee simply click on the drop down box and select the group you wish to assign to the employee. To remove an employee from a group click the delete button.


NOTE: The Group Selection Drop down box will not appear if no groups are defined in the InfiniTime software. Refer to the Group Section of this document for information about configuring groups.




Group: You can select from a list the group the employee belong to.