Minimum Requirements

InfiniTime 7.0 Server

Hardware Requirements

Pentium 4 Processor or Higher*


10 GB Available Hard Drive Space***

CD-ROM Drive

SVGA Recommended with Minimum of 1024x768 resolution support

Microsoft Compatible Mouse or other Pointing Device


Technical Note: For Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Users a 2 GHz Processor or Higher is recommended as this is the lowest processor speed recommended by Microsoft for use with the Operating System. Attempts to run InfiniTime in a Windows Server 2008 environment with a processor of less than 2GHz will result in reduced performance.*


Technical Note: 10GB Available Hard Drive Space refers to 10GB of free space for the InfiniTime software only. Additional free space is required for general system use. The amount of extra free space required depends on the alternative purposes the InfiniTime 7.0 Server machine is fulfilling. ***


In one case the InfiniTime 7.0 Server is used strictly for InfiniTime 7.0 and word processing. Fourteen gigabytes (GB) of hard drive space were available at the time of the install, leaving 4GB remaining for word processing tasks and system usage. This could be acceptable, though the drive would eventually run out of space if files were not routinely backed up to removable storage.


In a second case the InfiniTime 7.0 Server is used to host video surveillance footage. Twenty GB of hard drive space were available at the time of the install, leaving 10 GB for surveillance footage. This situation is unacceptable as most videos are incredibly large. The remaining 10GB would fill quickly leaving the hard drive with no empty space. In this situation hard drive space must be made available by backing up surveillance files already on the hard drive and then deleting them.


Technical Note: Hardware requirements scale according to the number of users accessing InfiniTime through the network. Simultaneous use of other software applications can drastically effect how the system performs. Should the InfiniTime Server be used simultaneously for other applications, their minimum requirements must also be met.


For example, a network server with Windows 2003 Server provides Microsoft Exchange services for a corporation. This server could run Microsoft Exchange with 2GB of RAM, since it is not used for purposes other than Microsoft Exchange there is little demand for system resources. Should InfiniTime 7.0 be installed on this machine 3GB of RAM would be required due to the increasing demand on system resources.