Employee Filters Introduction

InfiniTime™ Tables and lists can be customized to display only specified employees or those that meet certain criteria. The Employee Filter is used to perform this function and is available for the following windows:



Each window has a unique set of filter settings. Changes made to the Timecard Table Filter will not impact the In & Out board for example. By default all filters are set to All Employees, All Departments, All Groups, All Exceptions, and have no range restrictions. Setting a filter to ‘Selected’ displays interactive buttons used to tag or select specific items. Information about the interactive selection buttons can be found in the table below.



Referred to as


Tags the selected item.


Un-Tags the selected item.


Tags all items.

Tag All

Un-Tags all items.

Un-Tag All



Use the interactive selection buttons to tag specific items such as employees, groups, or departments. When a specific item is tagged a green check mark will display to the left of the item in the Tag column.


WARNING: Choosing the “Selected” option and failing to tag any items will result in the filter reverting to All Employees. Specific items must be tagged if the Selected option is to be used. If you wish to display all items in a category then use the “All” option.