Change To Break




Change to Break selection changes a series of punches that are likely to be an employee’s break to the indicated type of break. (i.e. Clock Out UNPAID break 12:30pm : Clock IN UNPAID break 1:30pm) This is useful if you are using the Employee Bar Code Scanner or to ensure that employees use the Unpaid/Paid breaks correctly. The system will only use the Change to Break setting if an employee does not select a break, and the total time between the Clock-in and Clock-Out is less than the Change to Break if Less Than field. You can set up two different break criteria.


EXAMPLE: With the settings in the above picture, the Change to Break time zone is 0.30 which is 18 min because it is read at 1/100th of an hour.  So if the clock OUT is 12:30pm and the clock IN is 1:00pm, they will both be marked as unpaid BREAK.  IF THE PUNCHES were to be along the lines of clock OUT 12:30pm and clock IN 2:10pm, InfiniTime™ will recognize the punches as a standard Clock IN and OUT.


Ok – Exits the window and saves any changes to the database.

Cancel – Exit the window without saving changes.

Help – View Help documentation for the current screen.


First Change To Break If Less Than:  This number will determine when the system will change a Punch pair to breaks. A clock-in and a clock-out that occurs in less time than the value entered here will automatically be changed to the type of break selected in the Change to Break Type field. Enter a number or use the arrows to increase or decrease the value.


First Change to Break Type:  Click on the drop down menu and select either Paid or Unpaid.  Selecting Paid will not deduct the time from the employee’s total time for the day.  Conversely, selecting Unpaid will deduct the break from the employee’s total time.

For example:  The First Change To Break If Less Than field is set to .30 (18 min.).  An employee Clocks Out at 12:00 pm, and clocks back in at 12:15 pm.  The program will convert the pair of punches into the selected break type.


Repeat for Second Change To Break If Less Than/Second Change To Break Type if needed.


Allow Auto Break With Change To Break - This feature allows you to combine auto breaks with auto-change to breaks.