Payroll Overrides


In this option you can manipulate the amount of hours for InfiniTimeā„¢ to recognize an employees total hours for a pay period under a specific category (i.e. Overtime or a Salaried employee).  This will override all total hours in the specified category earned by the employee and the specified amount will be exported along with the payroll export within InfiniTimeā„¢. It is important to understand that Configuring Payroll Override ignores employee time card information and simply exports the specified number of hours as long as the employee meets the minimum hours condition. Click insert to display the Policy Payroll Override Update form.



Activity Type: Use the drop down menu to select the type of activity you would like to override. Keep in mind any time card entries for this activity type will be ignored for all employees assigned to this policy and the override hours will be substituted in their place, assuming the minimum hours are met.


Minimum Hours: This is the required amount of hours needed in order for the system to ignore an employee's timecard information and export the override hours to payroll.


Override Hours: This is the actual amount of hours that will be recognized when exporting to payroll.  The actual hours earned will be replaced with the specified amount.