Policy Table

The Policy table is where you create and modify policies to suit your company‚Äôs requirements.  You can add as many policies as you need by clicking the Insert button.  To change a policy, highlight the desired policy and click the Change button.  You can also change the policies by double clicking the desired policy.



Insert - Clicking the Insert button brings you to the Policy Update Form. Add as many Policies as needed.

Change - Clicking the Change button also brings up the Policy Update Form with the highlighted Policy Name.

Delete - Clicking the Delete button will remove the highlighted Policy from the list.


Name -  This is the given name of the policy


Re-Calculate - Clicking this button will re-calculate the timecard activity of all employees assigned to the highlighted policy.


Copy - Copies the highlighted policy. All settings configured for the highlighted policy will be copied. To copy a policy simply click on the policy you wish to copy and click the copy button.