InfiniTime Modules

InfiniTime is a Web Application unlike any other, offering a high level of productivity through a powerful streamlined user interface. The application allows Multitasking and other features that are normally only available in a Windows application. InfiniTime is not simply a web site. InfiniTime is a multitasking Internet application, which will allow you to perform several tasks at the same time. This eliminates the need to interrupt the task at hand to open an additional browser for another purpose. InfiniTime securely tracks, calculates, and provides reports on employee timecard activity. InfiniTime also provides features which assist with employee tracking and other Human Resource tasks. Employee timecard information may be gathered from multiple sources including hardware readers ranging from biometric readers, which use the employee’s hand or fingerprint for verification, to badge based systems. InfiniTime also includes a web-based employee module, which allows employees to punch in or out as an alternative to using the hardware based systems.


Traditional time sheet or time card calculations are unnecessary because the system automatically calculates regular hours, overtime, vacation time, sick time, and holidays. The multitasking nature of InfiniTime allows multiple parts of the software to be accessed at the same time within a single browser window. Local printer usage, detailed security options, and full use of the software through a single browser are some of the main features that separate InfiniTime from other web applications. The security system allows InfiniTime software administrators to configure and assign security rights for specific users. Through proper use of security it is possible to configure user access down to specific buttons within a screen.  The following modules compose the InfiniTime Software Application:


Manager Module

Allows you to configure business rules, maintain employee information, configure program interface, perform payroll functions, print reports, perform Human Resource functions, and perform system maintenance.

Employee Module

Allows the employee to Punch in or out of work, view current and archived timecard information, print selected reports, request time off, and view vacation accruals. This module’s security can be customized by Software Administrators in order to allow or prevent access to certain functions.

Punch Module

Permits employees to punch only. No other software access is available in this module.


Allows you to create custom portals to the InfiniTime software for ease of use. Virtually every function within the InfiniTime software may be assigned to a button on an escort window, making it possible to place everyday tasks in one easy to access location. Once an escort window has been designed it may be assigned to groups of employees or individuals. There is no limit to the amount of escort windows that may be defined. If desired you may configure an escort for each employee within your company.