Bell Schedules

Schedules can be configured to play a bell sound on the internal speaker of the Luna, Zephyr, Athena, and Juno Terminals. While the Luna, Zephyr, and Juno Terminals do not feature an external relay and would not be realistic for use in a large warehouse the internal speaker is relatively loud at full volume and works perfectly for smaller areas. Due to hardware limitations a maximum of ten bell schedules can be configured. IE: Bell schedules can be configured to ring the internal bell a maximum of ten times in a single day.

To Insert a Bell Schedule click on the insert button. The Bell Schedule Update Form will be displayed. Enter a description for the Bell Schedule and click on the Default Schedule tab. Notice the Duration is grayed out. This setting is unique to each clock and must be set at the terminal in the Zephyr Menu / Bios.

To configure a schedule for the bell to ring click on insert. Choose the appropriate day and enter the desired time for the bell to ring as shown.