Timecard Notes: Overview

Timecard Notes make it possible for supervisors to enter a comment or paragraph and associate the comment with a timecard punch. While this principle is similar to the operation of existing the Audit Trail system, Timecard notes are not mandatory and are only entered as deemed necessary by supervisors. Compared with the existing Audit Trail System, which automatically records an audit record each time a timecard punch is inserted, edited, or deleted, Timecard Notes offer flexibility and distinction of entry as they are only created specifically by supervisors on a case by case basis.

Timecard notes are useful for the following scenarios:

Timecard Notes can be viewed from within the Company, Employee, and Employee Module Timecard tables from the Note Tab on Audit Database Table or via the Timecard Note Report. Additional details can be found below.


Inserting Timecard Notes

Viewing Timecard Notes

Timecard Note Report